Aguas Claras


Inspired by local craftsmanship, these two bamboo pavilions take on a sinuous form that could only be made of this flexible building material.  One will serve as a yoga studio, while the other will be a multipurpose restaurant and leisure facility with a swimming pool. Studio Saxe worked alongside experienced craftspeople to create a geometry that is fluid, almost leaf-like, without strong edges and flowing within the existing buildings of the site.


The roof is shaped like a wave and wraps the edge of a natural pool while providing shelter. The organic form of this building, combined with the material of the structure, creates a strong connection to nature, using local building crafts in a contemporary manner.


Project Data

Puerto Viejo, Limón
Date of Completion
In Progress
Aguas Claras Hotel

Project Team

Design Director
Benjamin G. Saxe
Structural Engineer
Mario Garcia