Aguas Claras


Inspired by local craftsmanship, these two bamboo pavilions take on a sinuous form that could only be made of this flexible building material.  One will serve as a yoga studio, while the other will be a multipurpose restaurant and leisure facility with a swimming pool. Studio Saxe worked alongside experienced craftspeople to create a geometry that is fluid, almost leaf-like, without strong edges and flowing within the existing buildings of the site.


The roof is shaped like a wave and wraps the edge of a natural pool while providing shelter. The organic form of this building, combined with the material of the structure, creates a strong connection to nature, using local building crafts in a contemporary manner.


Project Data

Puerto Viejo, Limón
Date of Completion
In Progress
Aguas Claras Hotel

Project Team

Design Director
Benjamin Garcia Saxe
Project Team
Cesar Coto, Laura Morelli
Structural Engineer
Mario Garcia
Architectural Visualization
Imminent Studio