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Benjamin Garcia Saxe set up his own practice in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2004, with the aim of exploring our relationship with the natural environment through architecture. Since then, Studio Saxe has grown into an award-winning international practice made up of a multidisciplinary team, creating buildings and spaces by blending technological innovation with handcrafted techniques to form truly sustainable designs. Founded on the belief that buildings must connect to their landscape – whether a tropical paradise or a concrete jungle – Studio Saxe brings a global attitude to solve local problems. Ideas and techniques from around the world can be harnessed to benefit communities, both at home and abroad. Local traditions and identities are explored and developed, ensuring a process whereby we learn from the past and build for the future.

The dedicated architects and designers at Studio Saxe uncover new design solutions for every project, treating each building as an opportunity to improve methods and approaches, responding to specific places. Working alongside clients and collaborators, the studio continually seeks new forms and functions that blur the boundaries between natural habitats and inhabited space.


Benjamin G. Saxe

Founder & Design Director

Erika Escalante

Co-founder & Managing Director

Frederik Dolmans

Senior Project Architect

Gustavo Chinchilla

Senior Project Architect

Sebastián Pasapera

Project Architect

Arthur Micheron

Project Architect

Osael Barrantes

Project Architect

Adriana Alvarado

Project Architect

Elías Porras

BIM Coordinator Architect

Pablo Calderón

Architect - Technical Architecture Coordinator

Roberto Castillo


Angie Quesada


Veronica Cordero


Raquel Uriarte


Mónica Hernández

Construction Coordination Architect

Jorge Mojica

Construction Coordination Architect

Fernanda Valverde

Head of Interior Design

Suzanne Chan

Interior Design Architect

Jennifer Jiménez

Interiors Technical Design

Fernando Escalante

HR & Practice Coordinator

Damaris Márquez

Practice Administrator

Franklin Jiménez

Administrative Assistant

Diana Chaves

Administrative Assistant

Josue Escalante

Head of PR & Communications

Jason Fallas

PR & Communication