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In the past 13 years Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture evolved from a one-man practice to a now multidisciplinary Design Studio with offices both in Costa Rica and the UK.  The initial projects created by the studio have had a worldwide impact, creating a reputation for sustainable architecture rooted in ancient principles and applied to current and future problems. A series of international awards cemented the studio in the international stage and brought like-minded individuals from all over the world, which share our vision that design is a relevant tool in the 21st Century.  This evolution also meant a growth in the family of architects, designers, and collaborators of the studio. In order to address the growing influence, dynamics, and expertise of the members of the studio in every project; we are pleased to announce that our name has been changed to “Studio Saxe”.

We have also worked extensively and upgraded our website to show who our team members are, what they love to do, and how they impact our work. We have added much of the new work that is in progress and some that have been recently finished. We have been very busy in the past 3 years and we have taken this opportunity to show what we have been up to! We have added a “News” section within our website which will be very active and will serve as a canvas for exploring subjects that are relevant to our communities and to us. We have added better legibility and flow to our online presence and worked extensively on our website to link with our social media pages. We recently officially opened an Instagram page, and began being active in other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and others; which will help us get close to those interested in the same subjects we are. Our hope is to better communicate what we do and love; and that you take this journey with us in finding out what makes great architecture in this complicated world we live in.