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Residenza “ A Forest for a Moon Dazzler”

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Heaven and earth. Lights and shadows filtered by trees and tropical vegetation. This is the natural realm of the forest of Guanacaste in Costa Rica, rendered by starting point of a site home to the dwelling designer by Benjamin Garcia Saxe. Dwelling fulfils the human aspiration to possess a place. A dwelling in the concrete expression of the house is a private retreat, a realm where individuality finds its place. “A Forest for a Moon Dazzler” is an intimate space, nestled in the green nature of a ideal, original landscape, with a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere. In the forest, time is an inconsistent variable: slowing down it brings to mind the image of the Laugierstyle primitive cabane rustique, an emblem of an ancestral living space. The architect seems to translate this into an architectural volume with a tribal, exotic character in the small house.

– Materia