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Celebrating Excellence in Construction: Benjamin G. Saxe, Founder & CEO of Studio Saxe, Receives “San José Construye 2022-2023” Award

San José, January 18, 2024

At the heart of the city of San José, the Municipality of San José plays a fundamental role in the development and growth of the community. Its commitment lies in driving well-being, efficiency and sustainability in all aspects of life in San José. From essential services to transformative urban projects, the Municipality works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all residents.

In line with its commitment to excellence, the Municipality of San José is proud to present the “San José Construye 2022-2023” distinction. This prestigious award honors Benjamin G. Saxe, Founder & CEO of Studio Saxe, for his outstanding contribution to the development and beautification of the city. Celebrating the innovation, sustainability and vision that shape a more vibrant San Jose.

Benjamin G. Saxe and his architectural firm Studio Saxe, were recognized in the category of “Best Sustainable Construction” for the innovative Gardenia project. Located in the Nunciatura, San José. Gardenia stands as a symbol of sustainable architecture, standing out with its vertical green wall, large green terraces and self-sustainable water harvesting systems. In addition, it employs cross-ventilation strategies and sunshades to maintain a naturally cool environment.

During the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Paula Vargas, alongside architect Benjamin, unveiled a plaque awarded to the Gardenia building by the Municipality. This gesture symbolizes the city’s official recognition of Gardenia’s exceptional contribution to San José’s urban environment.

The Vice Mayor presented the award and highlighted the relevance of projects like Gardenia in building a more sustainable and vibrant San José.

This recognition underscores the power of architecture to transform urban life and improve the quality of life. Benjamin G. Saxe, in his own words, believes that “buildings should connect with their landscape, whether it is a tropical paradise or a concrete jungle. I believe in the positive role that architecture can play in society, and continually seek new forms and functions that blur the boundaries between natural habitats and inhabited space.”

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