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“We are not just building structures; we are crafting ecosystems that enrich and sustain their environments”

Studio Saxe in Discovery Zapotal: Redefining Sustainable Luxury

As a leading luxury architecture firm in Costa Rica, Studio Saxe continues to push the boundaries of sustainable design with its latest project in the lush landscapes of Discovery Zapotal, Guanacaste. This new venture underscores the firm’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship; promising developments that are as eco-friendly as they are luxurious.

About Discovery Zapotal

Discovery Zapotal, located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is a prestigious retreat developed by Discovery Land Company. Known for its pristine coastline and dense tropical forests, this sanctuary harmonizes well-being and nature. The Zapotal Golf and Beach Club is the centerpiece of community life, offering residents a lifestyle that blends creativity, growth, and relaxation amid stunning natural beauty. It is an ideal setting for those who value environmental richness and upscale tranquility.

Studio Saxe’s Vision for Discovery Zapotal Architecture

Discovery Zapotal’s untouched natural beauty provides the perfect canvas for Studio Saxe’s architectural endeavors. As prominent architects for Discovery Zapotal, Studio Saxe plans to integrate advanced, eco-friendly technologies with local building practices, creating environmentally responsible spaces, and deeply connected to their surroundings. Each project aims to set a new standard for green architecture in the region, from renewable energy sources to rainwater harvesting systems.

The initiative also emphasizes community engagement, ensuring developments resonate with local needs and culture. Studio Saxe is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where local artisans and workers are integral to the creation of new structures, blending traditional techniques with modern design principles.

“We are not just building structures; we are crafting ecosystems that enrich and sustain their environments,” states Benjamin Garcia Saxe, founder of Studio Saxe. “Discovery Zapotal offers a unique opportunity to push the limits of sustainable architecture, impacting a community in profound and positive ways.”

As Studio Saxe embarks on this exciting journey, the architectural world is watching closely. The projects in Discovery Zapotal are set to become benchmarks for how luxury and sustainability can coexist beautifully in architecture, paving the way for future developments globally.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover Studio Saxe’s progress in transforming Discovery Zapotal Architecture into a model of luxurious sustainable living and architectural excellence.

For more information about Studio Saxe and their projects, visit Studio Saxe and Discovery Zapotal

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