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A Forest for as Moon Dazzler

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Structure and space become architecture when human emotions are expressed through them. Sincerity and depth of emotions  can raise the most humble dwelling to the level of great architecture. “ A Forest for a Moon Dazzler” is a project that holds an ocean of meaning for just two individuals – a mother and a son – but because their story reverberates through the experiences and aspirations of all mothers and sons, it becomes equally meaningful for all who hear the story of architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe and his mother.

That is why when Benjamin narrated his story at the World Architecture Festival ( WAF) in Barcelona this year it was answered buy applause like no other project at the festival received, because while all other projects appealed to the aesthetic sense and to our intellect, Benjamin´s project touched our hearts directly. And that is why this little two-room retrieve in the woods became the category winner in the House category at the WAF.