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Benjamin Garcia Saxe will be speaking at Vision 2017 in London.

Benjamin Garcia Saxe will be speaking at Vision 2017 in London on Tuesday June 6th between the hours of 16:40pm – 17:10pm and he will join Vision Sessions via a live link from Costa Rica to speak of a broader subject rather than just the basics of tropical architecture. Benjamin will also ask universal questions that are very relevant to many around the world. Through examples, Benjamin will provide answers to the challenges posed by some of his clients along the process of the design phases, therefore explaining how through this perceptible process, both parties face questioning themselves as to what ¨sustainability really means and entails.  This year, the program provides an abundant variety of content which will be highly topical and a unique industry insight, addressing some of the main issues facing the profession, both in the UK and in a global context.

The RIBAJ comments:

“Speakers have been sourced from the best practices in the country and around the world, both small and large. Roger Ridsdill Smith from Foster + Partners will discuss the role of engineering in a global firm while Benjamin Garcia Saxe, based in Costa Rica, will explore new sustainable materials used in tropical architecture. Zaha Hadid Architects’ Stefano Paiocchi will reveal a new design approach that blends techniques between fashion and architectural processes, and Caroline Bos of UNStudio will talk about their research into the circular economy.”

To find out more information about Vision 2017, visit the following website:


Therefore, we would like to invite you to join this year`s Vision talks by entering the following link and registering for the talk.