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Post-Pandemic Architectural Design Styles We Expect to See

May 6, 2021 by Julia Weave Updated on May 10th, 2021

COVID-19 slowed our world down to a halt, and our homes have played a greater role in our daily lives – from working and exercising, to schooling and socially distanced gatherings. The pandemic reshaped the way we see our homes, and in return, transformed architectural design styles and trends in the homes of tomorrow

Homes with a connection to nature are the future

We believe that the decomposition of the mass of a building that breaks the structure into a series of pavilions that would house a series of spaces like the bedrooms, living areas, and service areas will create interesting circulation spaces between the volumes that can be integrated into the natural surroundings. This will be used more and more as we are looking for complete openness and having to experience the outside when we move from one area to another will positively impact the quality of life. Also, the concept of big terraces to enjoy the outside world as much as possible since we have all experienced a lot of time inside. These simple changes to the common architecture can be applied in both urban and rural areas. Being more at home will target the necessity of making smart and sustainable architecture. This connection with nature is what we have been doing in our firm and believe it will be the future of residential architecture post-pandemic. Full Article