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“We ensure that every design is not only a reflection of luxury and sustainability but also a seamless integration into the tropical environment that characterizes this region”

Luxury Meets Sustainability

Studio Saxe proudly showcases a collection of distinguished projects that redefine luxury living in Costa Rica. These range from the intimate Courtyard House to the sprawling Joyas Villas. Each project embodies our commitment to merging innovative design with Costa Rica’s vibrant landscapes.

The Courtyard House is a private sanctuary bathed in light. This project features a central courtyard that enhances natural ventilation and harmonizes with the surrounding nature—showcasing our expertise in crafting serene and luxurious spaces.

Gardenia features the largest residential vertical green wall in Central America. Its expansive terraces and parasols were designed to offer climate protection. All aspects—from the materials used, to the kitchen and bathroom designs, and the living and communal areas—were meticulously chosen to support the cohesive architectural theme of an urban, tropical, and glamorous development. Gardenia sets a standard in luxury tropical architecture by earning the prestigious distinction of Building of the Year 2023 in the “Best Sustainable Construction” category award by the Municipality of San Jose.

Casa Sirena designed by Studio Saxe in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, epitomizes the blend of green architecture and luxurious design. The building’s mass is decomposed into a series of pavilions with overlapping roofs, starting from an entrance corridor with an opening in the roof, allowing trees to grow and offering an immersive experience of the outdoors even when walking inside. The thoughtful placement of extended roofline and high ceilings offer protection from the elements, leveraging bioclimatic principles to ensure comfort without reliance on energy-intensive solutions. This systematic design aligns sustainability with luxury, marking the project as a pioneering example of sustainable tropical architecture.

Raintree House, an eco-friendly residence beautifully illustrates a blend of innovative architecture and tropical luxury design, meticulously crafted by Costa Rican architects. Emphasizing a deep connection with its surroundings, the design integrates the house within the jungle, preserving every tree and enhancing the natural habitat. This approach allows for uninterrupted views of the ocean and sunset, framed through a carefully considered architectural layout.

The home, described as if it had “always been there, hugged by the canopy, dancing with the jungle,” exemplifies a sanctuary where contemporary design meets the authenticity of local materials and the raw beauty of nature. This fusion creates a unique living experience that balances modern comfort with the spirit of tropical living, ensuring the house remains connected to its environment through both structure and spirit.

Studio Saxe’s design for the Joya Villas in Santa Teresa merges clever design and modern contemporary tropical architecture to enhance comfort and connectivity. The villas, characterized by large steel I-beams and crafted wooden screens, showcase a thoughtful balance of modernist architectural principles with local building techniques. This ensures structural integrity and lightness, enriching the living experience by promoting open, airy spaces that encourage relaxation. Each architectural element, from the cantilevered frames to the floating staircases, is designed to harmonize with the tropical landscape, highlighting Studio Saxe’s commitment to developing a unique form of Central American Tropical Architecture

As a leading architecture firm in Costa Rica, Studio Saxe has crafted Tres Amores, a showcase of modern contemporary architecture enriched with elements of luxury tropical design. Nestled on a hilltop in Nosara, the home features charred teak wood, utilizing the traditional Japanese shou sugi ban technique to enhance durability and provide a distinctive aesthetic. This method not only extends the material’s lifespan but also integrates beautifully with the lush, mountainous surroundings due to its rich, textured finish.

The architectural design of Tres Amores includes expansive terraces and extended roof planes that meld the indoor and outdoor spaces, framing the stunning Pacific Ocean views. This approach establishes a sophisticated retreat that combines cutting-edge style with traditional craftsmanship, seamlessly blending into its natural environment.

Casa Bell-Lloc, a model of sustainable architecture, uses advanced ecological technologies and local materials to reduce environmental impact and enhance comfort.

Studio Saxe, a renowned architecture firm in Costa Rica, designed a sophisticated mountain view estate in Santa Teresa, leveraging the strength and versatility of concrete. This material choice allowed for the creation of a floating endless pool and the framing of expansive ocean views, emblematic of modern contemporary design. The house’s structure is ingeniously integrated into the steep terrain, with private areas sunk into the ground to maximize the panoramic views from the main living area above. This design not only highlights the firm’s innovative use of concrete in tropical architecture but also its commitment to blending durability with open, airy spaces that connect deeply with the natural surroundings.

As architects for projects like Discovery Zapotal, we at Studio Saxe bring a deep-rooted understanding of the Costa Rican landscape combined with a global perspective featured in top-tier publications like Interior Designer Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Dezeen.  We ensure that every design is not only a reflection of luxury and sustainability but also a seamless integration into the tropical environment that characterizes this region.

Our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with both the natural setting and the sophisticated tastes of our clients has been recognized worldwide, resulting in architecture that is not just built but carefully woven into its surroundings. This approach aligns perfectly with the expectations of discerning clients looking for unique, luxurious, and environmentally conscious designs in some of Costa Rica’s most stunning locations.

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