The Courtyard House | Nosara


Experienced-based design creates exceptional

places in booming Costa Rica coastal town

Eco-conscious family business Andaluz commissioned Studio Saxe to create experiences around architectural designs that harness the power of the environment to create life-changing experiences.


The Andaluz brand is all about meaningful and real experiences that combine comfortable human habitation with a deep connection to the surrounding landscape. A series of homes were carefully placed around existing trees on a hill top which brings ocean and jungle views inwards whilst creating a sense of comfort and security for the inhabitants.


The Courtyard House is cleverly designed to work within existing trees creating an inward-looking landscape but also generating connections to the outside jungle. By diffusing boundaries between in-door and out-door spaces, the home allows the natural and the man-made to coexist in harmony. Two horizontal pavilions joined by a protected internal Garden create a Contemporary Tropical Design that both blends and highlights its surroundings.

The Andaluz Brand is known for its durable and long-lasting construction methods as well as high-quality materials. All these factors come together seamlessly to enhance the experience of the inhabitants and to create longevity which is focused on low maintenance and high level of comfort.


Each home is meticulously crafted with a profound emphasis on bioclimatic design, deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of natural phenomena such as wind patterns, solar orientation, and geological considerations. This holistic approach ensures that these homes not only coexist harmoniously with their surrounding environment but also harness its elements to provide a seamless blend of comfort and sustainability, all without relying on excessive energy consumption.

Both Studio Saxe and Andaluz share a firm belief in the notion that beauty and experiential design are essential facets of sustainability. They understand that creating homes that not only stand the test of time but also enrich the lives of their inhabitants is a powerful way to promote a sustainable lifestyle. By integrating aesthetics and functionality, these homes become more than just structures; they become a testament to the enduring connection between humans and their natural surroundings.

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Project Data

Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Date of Completion

Project Team

Design Director
Benjamin G. Saxe
Electromechanical Engineer
Dynamo Studio
Structural Engineer
Sotela Alfaro Ltda.
Vida Design Studio
Roberto D’Ambrosio


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