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Alpha Rho Chi

Benjamin Garcia Saxe was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi in 2007.

Alpha Rho Chi (APX) is the national fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Their brotherhood unites men and women for the purpose of fellowship and lifelong friendships and  mutual interest in professional development. This is exemplified by the fraternity’s motto: Fidelitas, Amor et Artes or “Fidelity and Love of the Arts.”

In 1931, the Grand Council established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to “encourage professional leadership by rewarding student accomplishment; to promote the ideals of professional service by acknowledging distinctive individual contributions to social life; and to stimulate professional merit by commending qualities in the student not necessarily pertaining to scholarship.” Each year the Alpha Rho Chi is offered to more than 100 schools of architecture, whose faculty select the graduating seniors they feel best exemplify these qualities.