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How we work

With diverse clients from both Europe and the Americas, Studio Saxe is engaged with projects in Costa Rica, the United States, El Salvador, Chile, UK, Spain and Australia. Irrespective of scale or budget, we believe in the power of good design to enhance our quality of life while remaining socially responsible and protecting the natural world.

Creativity & Common Sense

Design provides the opportunity to assess the world we live in and connect to the communities around us. By understanding our clients’ intimate needs, we are able to create an honest architectural expression that puts simplicity and beauty at its core. This common sense approach has all too often been lost in

21st-century architecture as many designers seek overly complex solutions to basic human issues. Simple forms, modest materials, and traditional crafts should be used to reconnect people with their environment. We see the architect as a sculptor, constantly evolving our work around function, materials, and light to create moments of joy. Buildings must be efficient and durable but they can also be playful and responsive.

Technology & Environment

Studio Saxe has developed a reputation for intelligent design that uses technology to inform the process but is not a slave to it. We adopt a very practical approach to bioclimatic architecture that uses computer modeling and scientific analysis to create efficient buildings before they are constructed. Sustainability permeates everything we do and is not something you ‘add-on’ to a project at the later stages but rather it is an intrinsic part of a holistic design methodology. Energy production and consumption are considered from the very first stages of the design process and help determine the lifespan and impact of a building. Our aim is to produce carbon neutral developments which are cost effective and environmentally responsible.

Community & Social Responsibility

We understand that architecture sits within the broader context of community and therefore should respect, promote, and enhance social and cultural activities that already exist in a particular location. Public space and human interaction are vital components that can begin to promote a healthy blend of ideas and wellbeing. We feel that as individuals we have a duty to give back to our community through charitable donations and sometimes with our own time and work. We have been actively involved in helping non-profit organizations realize work that we deem is important and necessary. We commit 10% of our profits to charitable donations which are mainly focused on the communities and countries we work in.