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Studio Saxe Wins BLT Built Design Awards 2023 for Architectural Design of the Year in Residential Category

Costa Rica Architects Achieve Global Recognition for Sustainable Design Excellence

Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Studio Saxe, the renowned architecture firm in Costa Rica, specializing in sustainable architecture and interior designs, has been honored with the prestigious Architectural Design of the Year award in the residential category at the BLT Built Design Awards 2023. The winning project, Raintree House, is a testament to Studio Saxe’s commitment to sustainable design and innovation, showcasing their Nature Leads Design philosophy.

Raintree House: A Sanctuary of Sustainable Design

Raintree House seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with the lush Costa Rican jungle, offering breathtaking ocean views and an authentic connection to nature. Crafted using natural local materials, the house embodies a sustainable way of life, prioritizing well-being through harmonious interactions with the environment.

«Our vision was to create a home that felt like an integral part of the jungle, a place where you can embrace the canopy and dance with the jungle,» stated the client.

A Concept Rooted in Nature

The project’s concept revolves around seamlessly integrating architecture with the jungle surroundings, meticulously preserving every tree, and expertly framing captivating ocean and sunset views. Moments of contemplation punctuate the design, striking a balance between the rugged beauty of nature and modern comfort, all while exemplifying Innovative Architectural Services.

Sustainability and Award-Winning Excellence

Raintree House’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and design excellence was prominently recognized earlier in the year when it received the Residences – Large (150 square meters and above) award at the 2023 IIDA Latin America Design Awards (LADA). This competition celebrates outstanding interior design and interior architecture projects representing the highest level of creativity, originality, and design excellence in the Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Innovative Construction

The house’s construction combines contemporary techniques with local expertise, resulting in a modern aesthetic infused with textures and craftsmanship inspired by Costa Rican culture. Seismic-proof structural design, coupled with industrial construction methods, ensures not only durability but also imparts a warm, domestic touch.

Seamless Interior Design

Collaboration between Saxe Architecture and Saxe Interiors, the leading interior designs Costa Rica specialists, led to the selection of materials that resonate with the project’s natural surroundings. Burnt wood, teak, hand-made hydraulic tiles, as well as woven lamps and other elements, intricately infuse local craftsmanship into the design, thereby ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Media Recognition

The outstanding design and sustainability of Raintree House have garnered attention from leading publications in the architectural and design world. Studio Saxe’s achievement has been featured in:

Studio Saxe’s commitment to sustainability, green architecture, and innovative design has set a new standard in Costa Rican architecture and earned international acclaim. Raintree House stands as a remarkable testament to their dedication to creating sustainable and harmonious living spaces that seamlessly merge with the natural world.

Project Details

  • Location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Date of Completion: November 2022
  • Client: A+D
  • Area: Approximately 750m²
  • Project Team:
    • Architecture: Saxe Architecture
    • Interior Design: Saxe Interiors
  • Collaborators: Prodeyco, Guidi Estructurales, Dynamo, GreenGo
  • Photography: Kirsten Ellis

For more information about Studio Saxe and their award-winning projects, please visit Studio Saxe’s Website.