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International Architecture Biennial Costa Rica 2014

The International Biennial of Architecture 2014, Architecture for All

Colegio de Arquitectos de Costa Rica – CACR gives the Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe the Honorable Mention of Architectural Design with his project “Casa Flotanta”. This Mention was given in the city of San José on May 17, 2014

The International Biennial of Architecture focuses on raising awareness of the importance of architecture for society and the development of nations through a technical, informative and educational event that encourages architectural culture by providing opportunities for exhibition and training for both professionals and students of architecture.

This meeting, organized by the Costa Rican Architects Association (CACR), was held from May 14 to 17, at the Children’s Museum in San José, Costa Rica. This recruited more than 200 projects, both professionals and students of Architecture from 18 Countries of America and Europe. During this time, speakers from countries such as the United States, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba and Costa Rica expressed issues related to the need to design spaces with all the conditions so that all people can have access to.