Benjamin Garcia Saxe was invited to participate in the 2014 Venice Biennale Time Space Existence Exhibition held at the Palazzio Bembo.



We are pleased to share that we have arrived in Venice to install our exhibition for this year’s Architecture Biennale. We will be exhibiting at the Palazzo Bembo at the event “Time Space Existence” and our installation is titled “Vetri d’Aqua”. We decided to embark ourselves on a similar quest to that which Venetians have been fascinated by through the centuries: the transformation of a transparent/translucent material to create beauty through light. We searched all over Venice for a material that we could manipulate and that had within itself the humble possibility of being more than is expected of it. Finally, we decided to use plastic bags with water that create a wonderful array of diamond shaped objects that when are multiplied generate a space of intense calm and serenity. We hope to provide those who enter with a wonderful memory that will last.